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Marketing has changed tremendously within the last 2-3 years. Now CMO's have far more responsibilities because sales are mostly driven by the online presence (or lack of) your company. Parallely analytics, data and marketing messages and channels have become more and more complex. Before a media plan would suffice. Nowadays, the consumers are engaging, disrupting what you think is right and all this happens at the speed of light. Its not easy to have all the knowledge necessary under one roof, which is why we can assist :

What we offer


Strategy 360 degree view
Priority setting
ex : fix shopping cart abandonment prior to redo the whole site
Ship asap - dont build a titanic that will never sail out...

Websites - Web Properties

Mobile experience
Website revamp
Page re-writing
Call to actions implementations
Internal linking structure
SEO audit
User Experience
Usability assesment
Website credibility and trust factors

Marketing Tools

Marketing Automation
Automated processes

Advertising Spend

Cost efficiency Resources needed
Channel selection
Intergrated Marketing
Customer Pitch
Sales presentations
Product USP
Added Value definition
Sales scripting


Deep Market Analysis
Is there a demand ? How are you going to reach it
Audience Personae
Competition analysis

Search Engine Placement

Local directories
Shopping directories
B2B directories


Content Inbound Marketing implementation
Lead Generation creation
Downloadable content Engagement Maximization
Push notifications
Support Process Impropvement


Product descriptions
Product presentations
Seasonality Calendar
Shopping cart process

Please contact us to assess your needs and see which package works best for your company. Consulting start as low as 995 EUR/month.

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