Engagement - Conversions - Revenue

Social Media Marketing

Content Creation

InBound Marketing

Pages, Groups, Business Accounts, Articles, Posts, Ads, Retargeting, Audience & Interests

Articles, White Papers, Case Studies, Lists, News, Resources, How to, Ebooks, Mini Sites

Audience Personae, Opt-ins. Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, Qualified Traffic

Paid Search



Adwords. Bing, Search, Display networks, Google Shopping, App downloads, Videos

Setup, Management, Follow Up

Strategy, audit, implementation, roadmap, optimization, User experience


Youtube agency

Solutions Act is a Digital Marketing Agency. We focus on getting new customers to your site and stores. We optimize your content and your product listings on all channels and Social Media. 

We have been in the digital arena since 2002. We are working with advertising networks, B2B companies, Marketplaces, SMB, Web shops & Service providers. 

Our multilingual experience and know-how in digital marketing ranges from SEO to Social, Video, Emails, Affiliate, Search, Media, Inbound and Mobile marketing. 

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